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Located in the Arunta Province north of the Ngalia Basin, presents a diverse range of exploration prospects including uranium, base metals, rare earth elements, gold, silver, and more. Its proximity to proven resources like the Bigrlyi Uranium deposit and the presence of various geochemical anomalies make it an attractive target for further exploration and resource assessment.



The Chilling Project, located southwest of Darwin in the Pine Creek Orogen and Daily River Basin, offers a substantial and largely unexplored tenement package with potential especially for Lithium and Uranium, but also important base metals, such as zinc, copper, tin, and rare earth elements. Its proximity to Tier 1 lithium deposits and gravity data indicating significant structural trends make it an attractive exploration opportunity in a region known for diverse commodities and favorable geological settings.

Marsh2 Photo 18-7-21, 3 24 35 pm.jpg

Maree S.A.

URO's large 850 km2 South Australian tenement, granted in August 2023 in the uranium heartland, offers significant potential for uranium and rare earth elements, with the Eyre Formation outcropping on the property. Renewed interest in the area, driven by the Lake Surprise Uranium Project and convenient access from Adelaide and Marree township, makes this a promising exploration opportunity.


Wilson's Find

URO’s first appraisal of a potential Elephant resource. Located in a Tier 1 resource jurisdiction with significant mineralization, including copper, tungsten, lead, zinc, tin, and uranium, offers an estimated 1.0 million tons of raw copper valued at over US$8.5 billion. With a strategic geographical advantage in the emerging Aileron Province and a comprehensive appraisal strategy in place, this project is poised to unlock immense value and establish itself as a remarkable polymetallic resource.

Wilson's Find_3.JPG

Charley Creek

Huge area of multiple tenements located close to Alice Springs on the southern margin of the North Australian Craton, boasts rich mineral resource potential, particularly in rare earth elements, gold, base metals, and uranium. Geological features like the MacDonnell Ranges and Teapot Granite, coupled with strategic exploration efforts position it as a promising area for discovering valuable mineral deposits.

Desert Photo 2-7-21, 5 47 55 pm.jpg

Mount Hardy

The Mount Hardy Project boasts prospective geology rich in Rare Earth Elements and Uranium, sharing the same geology as the Cristal Creek REE resource and Todd River Resource's copper/zinc resource. With promising radiometric anomalies and convenient access along the sealed Tanami Road, it presents a compelling opportunity for exploration and resource development.

Mount Hardy

URO Western

The URO Western - Pangea Project's Magnadon Prospect, located on a very large 700km2 tenement in northwestern Australia, exhibits Tier 1 resource potential driven by an exceptionally strong magnetic anomaly and moderate gravity signature. This prospect, larger in size to the Telfer deposit, offers the opportunity for further exploration and potential of an enormous discovery.


Taken from the Projects page and includes URO Western summary info

Pangea Project
- Magnadon Prospect

  • Tier 1 resource potential based on elephant sized magnetic anomoly

  • Very large 700km2 tenement in the north of Western Australia on the Canning Stock Route

  • Exceptionally strong magnetic anomaly corresponding to moderate gravity signature

  • Moderate gravity implies basement is at moderate depth

  • Strong magnetics suggests target depth is not at basement

  • Known deposits in the greater Canning tend to have both strong magnetics and strong gravity (shallower basement)

  • Similar size to Telfer deposit (400 tonnes of gold and 0.5 million tonnes of copper)

  • Current imaging compared to properly imaged deposits (e.g., Telfer)

  • Magnetic anomaly could be locally stronger and with a shape that suggests shallower burial

  • Remote location → lack of image resolution = opportunity

Magnetic (RTP) image showing location of URO Western tenure over large magnetic anomaly

Zoomed in Magnetic (RTP) image showing low-resolution magnetics over the Magnodon target in comparison to high-resolution over Telfer.

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