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URO Corporation was incorporated to take advantage of opportunities across the metals and energy complex in Australia. URO Corp has assessed numerous opportunities in its short life and has set its sights on energy transition resources including copper, rare earths and uranium and has secured extensive landholdings in central and Northern Australia.

With backgrounds in geology, finance and agriculture, the directors believe they possess the right skill-set and expertise to deliver superior value to shareholders.



URO Corp seeks to facilitate sustainable global electrification.



To achieve Our Mission, URO Corp strives for:

  • Environmental and stakeholder stewardship

  • Operational best practice

  • Dynamic and innovative engagement

  • Responsible and sustainable development

  • Good corporate citizenship

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URO Corp has assembled a team of business-minded professionals with diverse backgrounds covering geology and geophysics, finance, commodities and agriculture.

URO Corp constantly scours businesses and assets within its areas of expertise. This is where URO Corp can deliver its competitive advantage: by understanding the areas in which we invest.

URO Corp believes that it can optimize shareholder value by reviving assets that may be out-of-favour or have been overlooked by the mainstream.

URO Corp is sensitive to the needs of the local communities in which we operate, with a strong operational and environmental focus to ensure we can operate sustainably over the long term.

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BSc., Dip Geol., PhD (Geol.)

Dr Andre A. Coffa has twenty-five years global experience as a professional geoscientist and project manager in the resource sector. Andre gained a breadth of international experience working in diverse resource environments, with both large multi-national and small multi-faceted firms. During his tenure in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa he worked in many capacities: as explorer, in appraisal of newly discovered resources and leading multi-billion-dollar resource developments. Working in outback Australia, he has led various remote field campaigns and been instrumental in large new ventures. He has also led the Sustainable Development effort for Shell Americas and been part of the energy transformation in solar, wind and tidal energy companies. He started his own energy services consultancy company in May 2013. Andre is a past President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia and currently serves on the executive committee of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

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