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Bloodwood Base Metals Project

 - Cu, W, Ni, Pb, Sn, Ag

Bloodwood Uranium Project

Bloodwood South Lithium Project

Bloodwood South Rare Earth Elements & Kaolin Project

Bloodwood Mining Management Plan


Large, sort after tenement areas

Proximal and along trend with Bigrlyi Uranium proven resource

Multiple prospects, diverse range of commodities

  1. Uranium Mt Eclipse formation beds, extension of Bigrlyi resource

  2. Uranium palaeo-channels in western Bloodwood

  3. Base metals, including nickel, zinc, lead, tungsten and copper in eastern Bloodwood

  4. Southawk Granites Rare Earth Elements (REE) and potential Lithium pegmatites

  5. Large area of radiometric and REE anomalies associated with Southawk sheer-zone

  6. Near surface Kaolin associated with Southawk sheer-zone

  7. Waites Creek REEs

  8. Western Bloodwood South gold and silver prospects


Air Core Drilling August 2023 established wide extensive resource potential in ionic and kaolin REEs

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