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Polymetallic structural vein style deposit

Wilson's Find_2.JPG
Wilson's Find_1.JPG

Wilson’s Find Copper Tungsten Discovery and Appraisal

  • Significant mineralization of copper, tungsten, lead, zinc, tin, and uranium

  • Estimated 1.0 million tons of raw copper alone valued at over US$8.5 billion

  • Positioned in a Tier 1 resource jurisdiction

  • Remarkable polymetallic potential

  • High-grade deposits of copper, tungsten, lead, zinc, tin, and uranium

  • Strategic geographical advantage in the emerging Aileron Province

  • Limited mining and exploration history in the region

  • Proven geological significance with quartz veins in Wabudali Granite

  • Analogous success to the Zhuxi deposit in South China

  • URO is planning the Wilson’s Find Appraisal Program

  • Comprehensive appraisal strategy including geophysics, drilling, and geochemical analysis

  • Untapped potential with deep drilling and geophysical studies

  • Cusp of unlocking immense value from the Wilson’s Find Prospect

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